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The Story Behind The Brand

In the spring of 2010, a bombshell was dropped on Gavin Ernstone. The RE/MAX brokerage where he had worked for years had decided to change to another national brand with a 6% franchise fee. Gavin’s first call was to John Gafford, who had recently left the same brokerage to buy a Keller Williams franchise, to see if he wanted to partner on a new RE/MAX. As he was already invested in Keller Williams, John declined. Gavin instead set out to open a new RE/MAX.

Just days before flying to Denver to finalize the deal, Gavin had a thought. He sent an email to his client base (the “Who’s Who” of Las Vegas luxury home clients) asking one question, “How important is the brokerage brand name to our relationship?” The response changed everything. The majority of his clients didn’t even know he worked with RE/MAX! He cancelled his flight with one thought in mind. “We are going to build a luxury full service firm with a 100% commission plan.”

In April 2010, the first Simply Vegas opened in Summerlin. Meanwhile, John was busy at work at Keller Williams growing the company by leaps and bounds. By the end of 2011, the company had grown to two offices with nearly 200 agents. However, despite having all those agents, the profitability wasn’t growing, and regardless of how hard John worked, the payoff just wasn’t there.

Simply Vegas, on the other hand, seemed to be pulling in one top producer after another. John, after observing this with disbelief, asked Gavin out to lunch. Gavin said something that would change John’s course. Gavin said “We run our business like a private club. We only accept the most productive agents we want to work with.”

John immediately saw his mistake. By focusing on the quality of the agents, instead of the quantity of them, productivity could be much higher with much less effort. John immediately decided to sell his stake in his offices and buy into Simply Vegas.

In January 2012, all parties amicably agreed. Then, in February 2012, Simply Vegas Green Valley opened its doors. Since that time, Simply Vegas has slowly grown to over 340 agents but, more importantly, ranks number three in total listing volume. Only Berkshire Hathaway, with 900 agents, and Realty One, with over 1200 agents, have higher total listing volume. We are proud to say that we are the highest grossing boutique luxury firm in the state of Nevada.


Equal Pay

Everyone is paid the same. There are no special deals. Everyone here has exactly the same pay plan.

Expectation of success

This is the guide by which we hire. By surrounding high producing agents with like-minded individuals, everyone’s production goes up. There are plenty of places to “just hang a license.” This is not one of them.

Easy exit

If you don’t want to be in business with us, we don’t want to be in business with you. We are the easiest real estate brokerage to leave. Your listings are yours, there are no penalty fees, and there is no notice required.

Easy exit

If you don’t want to be in business with us, we don’t want to be in business with you. We are the easiest real estate brokerage to leave. Your listings are yours, there are no penalty fees, and there is no notice required.

Integrity above all

No one deal or one agent is worth our reputation.

Integrity above all

No one deal or one agent is worth our reputation.

brand yourself

We do not micro manage our agents’ ability to build their own businesses through individual branding. It is about our agents, not our logo.


By sharing ideas and techniques, everyone can achieve more.


The Simply Vegas culture is second to none. We pride ourselves in not only having a great group of extremely productive agents, but also in the ethical standards of our agents. There is no one agent that is more important than our company. We are a team together and the idea of working together through a collective process is what drives our success. Our agents have been described as having “just the right amount of ego”. Meaning, no one works from a place of scarcity and our agents are not afraid to share ideas and techniques with each other.

This ethos is certainly reflected in the performance of our agents. We have found that happy agents are productive agents. And, to complete the circle, the more productive our agents are, the happier they become. That feeling is certainly infectious. After even a brief visit to one of the Simply Vegas offices, you’ll notice that its “vibe” is that of an office filled with agents excited about closing deals and improving each other’s productivity.

Pay Plan

The idea was simple: build a luxury brand where agents flourish without it costing an arm and a leg. Call it “luxury at a discount”. At Simply Vegas, we don’t take a percentage of commissions and there are no franchise fees.

A simple transaction fee of $399 per file and $100 month is all it takes to be part of the premier luxury brand in Nevada. We strongly believe that allowing agents to reinvest their earnings into growing their own business is crucial to their success. Our success hinges on yours.


The Simply Vegas offices are certainly the nicest in town. Because a number of our clients own multi-million dollar properties, it was imperative for us as a company to be able to portray an image in keeping with a top-luxury brokerage.

Both of our locations not only feature exquisite interior design, but are also extremely practical and usable. We have large conference rooms that are well-equipped to make our clients feel comfortable and are filled with “plug and play” technology. Our locations also offer excellent “ease of access,” not only because of their geographic locations and proximity to major thoroughfares, but also because of their ample parking facilities.

One of our prime objectives as a company at Simply Vegas is to create a comfortable working environment for all of our agents, not just a select few. Many companies have what they lovingly describe as a “bull pen” area – simply put, an area to throw everyone in together to fight for a small space to try and get some productive work completed.

At Simply Vegas it is the opposite. We have beautifully designed “productivity areas” throughout our offices, amply equipped with everything that our agents need in order to get work done effectively and generate income. The results speak for themselves: Simply Vegas agents continually top the production lists for sales in Las Vegas.

Both of the Simply Vegas locations have exceptional private offices. The majority of our offices are well-proportioned and filled with natural light. Many are completely furnished and all are finished to the same high standards that can be found in our reception and productivity areas.

We offer our private offices to our agents essentially free of charge, though all agents with private offices have a production commitment that they will need to adhere to. An agent who takes a private office commits to a minimum of 3 transactions per month, and as long as that level of production is maintained, there is no charge for an office.


At Simply Vegas, we take pride in being one of the most technologically advanced companies in not only Nevada, but in the country. While most companies advertise a paperless system, we have taken the process one step further. Our back office business management software allows our agents to manage every aspect of their business from one location. From transaction and client organization to managing leads and referrals, Simply Vegas agents are able to use our internal intranet to track and cultivate their business.

One of our transaction coordinators said it best when she said “I manage transactions for nine different real estate companies using six different systems and Simply Vegas’ system is by far the easiest and best”. While most real estate companies monopolize their agent’s time with boring, monotonous meetings, we post 3 minute videos on our intranet site monthly. Our agents are able to watch these videos at their convenience and get company and market updates on demand. Also, Simply Vegas is a leader in emerging technologies. From the Matterport to the Reel Tour platform we always strive to give our agents an edge against the competition.


One of the advantages for seasoned agents is our drive to stay on the cutting edge in Real Estate. We are constantly searching for the next great tools to help you keep on top. We were the first company in Las Vegas to implement the Matterport Camera among other tools, and our marketing experience is invaluable. Learn teams, luxury, marketing buys and more direct from the best in the business. We keep you sharp with monthly classes on things you NEED to know, not repetitive sales meetings designed to bolster a Brokers vendor agreements. We focus on collaborative dialogue and relationship building between our agents. We foster opportunities to learn best practices from other Simply Vegas agents and our Brokers are always just a phone call away.
At Simply Vegas, we focus on hiring only experienced agents that are serious about their real estate career. This had lead Simply Vegas to have an average annual gross commission income over $80,000 in 2017. Our agents sale homes that have a 20% higher sales price than any other brokerage in Las Vegas.


Simply Vegas agents possess a multitude of advantages in the highly competitive luxury market. One distinct advantage is the ability to leverage the company’s success and make it their own. Simply Vegas agents are responsible for more record-breaking sales in the luxury market than any other brokerage in the Las Vegas valley.

With this proven track record of success, we’ve been able to establish relationships with some of the premiere luxury marketing portals in town resulting in premiere placement for Simply Vegas advertising. These relationships are exclusively available to Simply Vegas agents and, as a result, our agents are thriving in the luxury market. A proven name is tantamount in succeeding in the luxury market. The name Simply Vegas is synonymous with luxury and so are our agents.


Non-competing Broker, there…we said it. So let’s take a look at what that means. It either means: (A) A broker that makes so much money from agent splits that they don’t have to sell homes. OR (B) A broker that is semi-retired on a salary enjoying the twilight of their career and can’t really sell a home.

Either way, you’re probably not going to learn very much about the current state of Real Estate sales from either example. At Simply Vegas we guarantee two things:

  1. Both John and Gavin run tremendous real estate businesses and will continue to do so.
  2. They will share everything they do with you.

There are no secrets. We are here to help. Need advice about your website? No problem. Need Gavin to go to a listing appointment for a 2 million dollar home? Sure, of course. Our doors are always open for direction, advice and assistance. All you have to do, is ask.


Philanthropy at Simply Vegas is an extremely important part of our culture. We are heavily involved with many great charities including Southern Nevada Children First and the Boy and Girls Club of America program. Gavin Ernstone, one of the owners of Simply Vegas, is a sitting board member at Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, serving as the director of special events.

Philanthropy gives us an excellent opportunity to marry what we love to do on a daily basis – sell houses, with what we are passionate about – serving charitable organizations that are actively making a difference in the Las Vegas Community. Many of the events such as Home for the Holidays, a Habitat for Humanity signature event, and Artfully Sweet for Southern Nevada Children First are staged at our clients’ residences. This not only gives us the opportunity to create an awesome event for charity, but it is also a fantastic chance to promote a client’s home for sale – it’s like an open house on steroids.

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Owners: Gavin Ernstone & John Gafford
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