The Home Selling Process

We know what makes your home sell: How it's priced, how it shows, and how it's marketed. Selling your property is a big decision, so it's important to work with agents you can trust to get the job done perfectly.

When you choose to work with us, you're not just getting agents who use the best tools and technology to sell your property for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. You're getting transparency and instant communication throughout the entire process, so you can relax knowing every detail is taken care of. We custom tailor property marketing strategies to target where buyers are looking - both online and in person. Plus, we make listings shine with the best photography and content.

  1. Prepare Yourself. Although you have many memories in your home, try to see the house as a product to be marketed. This will help to prepare yourself for the things you will need to do in order to promote the house effectively.
  2. Hire a Professional. Interview several agents and compare background, experience, personality, commission, suggested list price as well as anything else you value in a professional. Choose a real estate agent in whom you have confidence.
  3. Familiarize Yourself on How to Price Your Home. Some things to consider when determining the price of your home: total square footage, floor plan, construction quality, condition, amenities, lot size, topography, view, landscaping, location and market conditions. Visit local open houses and compare the houses to your own as objectively as possible. Ask your agent for a Comparable Market Analysis.
  4. Develop an Effective Marketing Plan. Work with your agent to determine the most valuable places to advertise. Ask your agent to put a for-sale sign on the property, input the property in the Multiple Listings Service, create flyers as well as advertise on their website and in local newspapers and real estate magazines.

To Sell

  1. Make Your House Shine. Make certain that your house is cleaner, fresher and better maintained than other houses on the market, so that it stands out from the competition.

Buy Or
Sell First

There are many instances when someone is purchasing a second home. Sometimes the real estate investor is purchasing a second home as an investment property but many times the homeowner is buying the second house as their new primary residence. When this is the case, it is important to figure out whether to buy the new property or sell the old real estate first.

Many times a change in careers or even a promotion will force someone to move in order to keep their job or improve their lot in life. If the person is already a homeowner, they will be forced to sell one home and will likely buy another piece of real estate in their new hometown.

If this is the case, most companies or corporations will provide some type of housing assistance. While it may not be enough to purchase a brand new home right away, it will at least make provisions for the homeowner to be able to survive until a new property can be located.

If the current real estate investor does have the financial capital to invest in a new home, it may be a wise choice simply due to the increased deductions and savings on taxes at the end of the year. Not everyone is going to be in a financial position where they are capable of maintaining all of the financial responsibilities of owning two households at the same time.

Listing the current home with a qualified realtor will often produce better results for the average person. By selling the current home, they are released from any mortgage payments or other financial obligations in respect to that house. They will also come out ahead financially if they have managed to build up any equity in the value of the home. This added boost to their discretionary disposable income is known as a capital gains income. There is usually a two-year period in which they can reinvest that money without being penalized on their taxes at the end of the year. That additional money can then be used to assist with the cost of living in a rental unit while the real estate investor seeks out a new ideal piece of real property where they can safely reinvest their capital gains.

Whether to buy a new home or sell the old home is going to depend on the financial portfolio of the individual real estate investor. As a general rule, if the financial means are available, then purchasing a new home first is often the best choice. Since that kind of financial freedom is not available to everyone, the reality of the situation is that for most real estate investors, it will be wise to find a good realtor and sell the old property before purchasing a new home.


For the person who is selling a home for the first time, the experience can be almost as troubling as their first purchase of real estate. There are many pitfalls and many traps for the first time seller. Having the proper knowledge will help to make the sale go smoothly. Trying to sell real estate without the proper knowledge is detrimental at best and costly at worst. Real estate investments are called investments for a reason. Just as with any business, there are applicable laws that must be adhered to.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that selling real estate is as simple as selling a used car. Just slap a couple of classified ads in the local paper and wait for the phone to ring and all they will have to do is cash the check. Unfortunately, nothing is that simple, especially when it comes to real estate investments.

The laws regarding real estate sales are there for a reason. Since an investment in real property is a major expense for anyone, the laws offer protection, mostly to the buyer. It is very important to know each one of the laws that are applicable wherever the home is to be sold. While this may seem a daunting task to many people, some may find it easier than others may.

If there is any doubt about any of the laws or requirements for selling a home, a qualified realtor should be used for the sale of the real property in question. While this may cost a little extra and decrease the profits marginally, the homeowner who is selling the property is given a great value for their investment dollar when they do use a good real estate agent.

Real estate agents actually do earn their commissions, perhaps unbelievably. They are responsible for knowing all of the laws in any communities where they are licensed. If there are any difficulties with the sale, the realtor is qualified, certified and trained to handle them quickly and efficiently so that they do not interfere with the sale of the property.

Real estate agents are familiar with all of the aspects of home sales from the beginning until the very end where the homeowner and seller can actually cash the check from the sale of their house. From the time an offer is made on the home, processes such as escrow, closing, financing and many other hidden aspects may rear their ugly head and catch the seller off guard. A quality real estate agent will be aware of every step and be able to guide the homebuyer as well as the real estate investor closely, so that every aspect of the sale goes well for all of the individuals involved.

While selling the house may seem like a simple process, just remember what it was like when you purchased your first home. There is a lot of information necessary for the real estate investors and qualified and licensed real estate agents will know all of the answers. Hiring the real estate agent can be seen as an investment as well; and a worthy investment in any real estate transaction.

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